Type a search query and press the Enter/Return key or click the 'Search' button.

The search encompasses names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, room numbers, and roles. Wildcards are implied and need not be included in your query (ie., use 'lab' instead of 'lab*'). Multiple searches can be performed simultaneously using the pipe character (Shift and \ on most keyboards). Here are some example searches:

  • Find the Head of School:
      head of
  • Find people whose telephone number extension contains '631':
  • Find people named 'John', 'Johnny', or 'Pat', 'Patricia', et cetera:
  • Find information on First or Second Year laboratories:
      (first|second) year lab
  • Show all records (not recommended, but useful for making paper 'wall hangers'):

Output in the table list may be sorted by name or department by clicking the table header 'Name' or 'Department' words. Click multiple times to toggle between ascending and descending sort order. The sort arrow in the header indicates the active sort field and sort order.


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